SMT Technologies


SMTT aim to be among the global industry leaders in the OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer & EMS, Electronic Manufacturing Services industry. Our continuous investment in manufacturing facilities, relentless drive for operation excellence, lean manufacturing philosophy and technical development helps us to provide customers with cost optimization and innovative solutions.

Electronic Manufaturing

We specialize in ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING SERVICES ( EMS ), focusing on high-end PCB Assemblies and OEM product manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being fast, flexible, and responsive, offering full turnkey solutions for all your manufacturing needs.

Our continuous investment in manufacturing facilities, unwavering commitment to operational excellence, lean manufacturing philosophy, and technical development set us on a path to be among the global industry leaders in the OEM & EMS industry. This dedication translates into cost optimization and innovative solutions for our customers.

Plastic Injection and Molding

Our plastic injection and molding capabilities are state-of-the-art, ensuring process stability and top-quality results. Here’s what sets us apart:

All our machines are equipped with robotic arms and conveyor systems for enhanced process stability.
We use dehumidifiers for material preheating to preserve raw material properties.

Our hybrid machines ensure process stability and efficiency.
Individual hoppers for each machine with material suction prevent foreign material contamination. We handle a wide range of plastic resin materials, including ABS, PC / ABS, TPU, HDPE, LDPE, PA6, PBT, PC, PET, PMMA, POM, PP, PS, TPE, and more.

Plastic Secondary Processes

In addition to plastic injection and molding, we offer a range of in-house secondary processes:

i) Conveyor line with 3 ovens
ii) Silk screening process
iii) Tampo / Pad printing
iv) Ultrasonic welding
v) Cold / Heat stick

These secondary processes ensure that your plastic components meet the highest quality standards and specifications.

Wire Harness Manufacturing

Our Wire Harness Manufacturing services include:

i) Cut, Strip & Crimp
ii) Overmolding
iii) Insulation-Displacement Contact (IDC)
iv) Wire Harness Assembly

We are equipped with:

i) Fully Automated Cut, Strip & Crimp Machines
ii) Fully Automated Cut and Strip Machines
iii) IDC Machines
iv) Semi-Automatic Crimp Machines
v) Overmolding Machines

With these capabilities, we provide reliable wire harness solutions tailored to your specific needs.