SMT Technologies

Manufacturing Facilities

We continue to upgrade our in manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art equipment to enhance our productivity, efficiency and quality which in return bring benefits and long term savings to our customers. Here are some of our manufacturing facilities and equipment.

Robotics and Automation

Our advanced robotics and automation systems streamline production processes, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Plotting and Encapsulation

We utilize specialized equipment for plotting and encapsulating components, providing an extra layer of protection and reliability.

Parylene Coating Process

Our Parylene coating process enhances the durability and resistance of electronic components to environmental factors.

2D Laser Marking

High-precision 2D laser marking technology ensures accurate and permanent markings on components.

SMT Process

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly lines are equipped with cutting-edge machinery for efficient and precise component placement.


Our advanced aqueous wash process ensures thorough cleaning of components, meeting the highest cleanliness standards.

Wave Soldering / Selective Wave Soldering, Robotic Soldering /Backend Process

We employ state-of-the-art wave soldering and selective wave soldering techniques for precise soldering.

Hot Bar and ACF Process

Hot bar and Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) processes ensure secure connections in component assembly.

Auto Conformal Coating Process

Automated conformal coating processes guarantee consistent and reliable protection for electronic components.

Auto Component Insertion

Automated component insertion ensures precision and efficiency in assembly.

High Filtration Face Mask Production

We also have facilities for the production of high-filtration face masks, meeting critical healthcare needs.