SMT Technologies Sdn Bhd


SMTT aim to be among the global industry leaders in the OEM & EMS industry. Our continuous investment in manufacturing facilities, relentless drive for operation excellence, lean manufacturing philosophy and technical development helps us to provide customers with cost optimization and innovative solutions. SMT also provide V.I+ (vertical integration plus) service that covered from scratch design to final delivery.

Design & Development.

  • Design based on conceptual
  • Mechanical Design and Electronic & Electrical Design
  • Software Design
  • Validation and Certification for product development


  • To design product according to customer requirement
  • To design product based on R&D conceptual


  • To provide moulding and inject mechanical parts for customers


To provide SMT / PCB assembly services for customers


Assembly of wires and cables for PCBA & box build products


Assembly the sub product or Final product for customers


  • To provide world wide distribution services
  • To provide vendor management inventory


SMTT drives its business success through reliable quality management and continuous improvement. Our quality team focuses on our customers success and strives to have the highest level of quality standard in the industry.

We are continuously maintaining and improving our quality requirements and practices by complying to customer products standard requirement (IEC, CE, UL, TUV, etc..) Our quality services always meet and exceed our customer expectations through effective communication and clear understanding of our customers product requirements.

Our culture of continuous improvement in Lean Manufacturing and Operation Excellence drives us to create and manage the manufacturing processes in order to provide customers with real value and excellent quality.


SMTT provides customers with a total design, manufacturing, test and ship a complete packaged product to our customers' end users, all over the world.

In our box build/OEM business, we invest sophisticated manufacturing technologies and innovative processes to fulfill our customers requirement. We support our targeted Service Industries with a lean manufacturing culture, continuous flow manufacturing, just-in-time and visual production system.

We assemble various PCB assembly products into complete box build products based on customer requirements on functionality, manufacturability and quality testing.

To provide customers with complete product and manufacturing solutions, we work closely with our strategic partners in sheet metal and plastic injection through fool-proof solutions/process. The total project management would run by SMT's NPD/NPI team to ensure reliable manufactured products, in term to quality, delivery and cost.


SMTT's roots lie in the assembly and testing of printed circuit boards.


SMTT provides customers with total design, manufacturing, test and ship complete box build products.

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Our NPD & NPI team works with customers to ensure the customer products are of the best quality, on time to market.

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SMTT have the ability to implement a complete range of material/products flow solutions to our customers

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SMTT is equip with the latest EMS and OEM manufacturing equipment and facilities.


SMTT drives business success through reliable quality management and continuous process improvement.

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SMTT drives business success through reliable quality management and continuous process improvement.


SMT's roots lie in the assembly and testing of printed circuit boards. Today, we support high and low-mix PCB and backplane assembly for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes, to modest quantities for pre-production, to hundreds of thousands in volume production.

Our PCB assembly services are complemented by front-end product development capabilities including strong CAD (Computer-Aided Design )layout and design experience. And of course, quality is always first - we employ DFx fundamentals as well as quality methodology and product traceability at component level.

Our process and manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Surface-mount technology (SMT)
  • Plated-Through-Hole (PTH) Auto Insertion (Axial and Radial)
  • Lead-free wave soldering
  • Flex circuit assembly
  • Manual Assembly
  • End of Line Testing and Validation
  • BGA rework
  • Conformal Coating
  • X-Ray Inspection


Our technical NPI team works with customers to ensure products are of the best quality and delivered on time. We create value that increase our customers competitiveness in the market with speedy services and professional output.

Our NPI team embrace innovation, expertise, experience, and passion for excellence. We promote our company values in our new product introduction processes.

SMTT's NPD (New Product Development) team provides a complete range of value-added product design service to our OEM & ODM customers. Our Services are:-

  • Mechanical Engineering and Tooling design advice
  • Electrical/Electronic system design
  • PCB design
  • Electrical software development
  • Assembly processes solution
  • Testing & Functional validation solutions.

We respect and protect our customer's Intellectual Property in all aspect of our NPD & NPI process.

Read our statement of position regarding SMTT's Customer Intellectual Property.


Using an optimum combination of SCM/Logistic key drivers, we are capable of implementing a complete range of material/products flow solutions to our customers.

We strongly believe that competitive advantage is all about assembling the right set of business traits that allow a company to maintain and expand market share. We secure this advantage by combining manufacturing and logistics functions in order to reduce redundant processes throughout the supply chain. This allows the design, assembly and distribution of products to be completed and delivered to market efficiently and at optimised cost.

Furthermore, we also provide global logistics services and turnkey supply chain solutions (established global logistic partners). Our global logistics services include express. air freight forwarding, warehousing/inventory management, and outbound / e-commerce. We leverage on our technologies to link SMT factories, extranet-based management, vendor managed inventory and build-to-order programs that simultaneously connect suppliers/partners, manufacturing operations, and OEM customers.


We continue to upgrade our in manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art equipment to enhance our productivity, efficiency and quality which in return bring benefits and long term savings to our customers. Here are some of our manufacturing facilities and equipment:

Box Build:

  • More than 2500m2 production space for complete box build product, with standard main assembly line (35,000mm (115 ft)(L) x 8,500mm (28 ft) (W))-suitable for consumer electronics, telecommunication & computer products.
  • Clean room (temperature/climate controlled) main assembly line for medical devices assembly

Testing & Quality Measurement Equipment:

  • EOL (End of line) testing & validation jigs and equipment.
  • Air-watt Tester for consumer electronic products On line software loader and testing equipment
  • Hi-Pot testing equipment
  • Various type of measurement equipment (with some on the way): Digimatic caliper & indicator, Mitutoyo CNC, CMM, VMM Smart Scope, etc..

Electronic/PCB Assembly

  • Surface Mount Technology: Siemens/ASM Siplace D series, HS & HF Series, Panasonic CM602, CM212 Series.
  • Screen Printers: High Speed MPM Hie, DEK and Minami.
  • Fine Pitch/Odd Form Placement: Siemens, Panasonic.
  • Convection Reflow: Vitronics Soltec, Electrovert, Tamura
  • X-Ray Inspection System: Verifier Focal Spot
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for RoHS verification: EDX720 Shimadzu
  • Fine Pitch/BGA Re-work: Den-on & BGA Re-balling Set
  • Wave Solder Machines: Electrovert, Song-E.
  • In Circuit Testing : HP3070 Series III, Teradyne, Tescon.
  • AOI Machines: SAKI and I-system In-line and off-line
  • SPI Machine: Inline Koh Young Zenith 3D SPI
  • Reliability Chambers (-40~120 Degree C, with humidity control)
  • Die & Pry Test, Cross-sectional kit
  • Conformal coating machine: DIMA HC 200

Product Traceability and Online Monitoring

  • Reliable and live production system, Advance Real- Time Monitoring System (ARMS) provides:-
    • Production floor real-time electronic display
    • Short Message System (SMS) on-demand query
    • Automatic E-mail reporting
    • Remote web access
  • Online barcode scanning, from incoming, production up to outgoing shipment, use bar code to monitor and trace products identification up to BOM level.